74 thoughts on “Free Shipping Promo Code For Wish Returning Customers June 2019”

  1. I love to shop on wish. . I have an order I want to put in but I can’t see paying for shipping when its almost as much as my order. Iv tried 20+ promo codes and none are working. Plz help

    1. Try posting ur code, then when u receive a code or find any that work try sequence and change last letter or double 1 letter in sequence over an existing letter. There codes are generated for users set invite code , sometimes. I’ll send u mine, let me know kdchskr kddcwwm kddjddk kdhkmwv …..

  2. Here’s my corporate user code for 1st timers hqyhttk 10-70%

    And codes I’ve received
    Kdhkmwv, find your subset sequence . They have like 5-10 customer service response prewritten responses , so it would be likely their “code” generator is as simple or as limited as their willingness to answer a question with a live person or operator ….. down with the machine….suck egg Skynet

  3. Wish Begging.

    Use the coupon code below and help me buy Christmas gifts for my family ^_^

    Code: hvwsbmr

    Money is tight this year and Wish is where I am getting a lot of gifts for my family. If you use my coupon code on your first Wish purchase, I’ll get a coupon code as well and you’ll be directly responsible for my family having a great Christmas! Thanks to everyone who has helped me & to those that help me in the future. It’s very appreciated ❤️

  4. Up to 50% off promo codes on your first order Wish – Cute – Geek – Home

    WISH promo code: kbwkhnx
    CUTE.wish promo code: kbzmvqs
    GEEK.wish promo code: kcfdsdr
    HOME.wish promo code: kltgmkg

    Works only mobile app and on your first purchase.

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